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City Orientation


Our city orientation service can play vital role for those before the decision of coming to China. The trip to the potential destination of their relocation can help them to acquire the information about housing, schooling and living options that Hefei can offer for them.


Our city orientation program can provide you information regarding to:

  -Education: schools & learning centers

  -Healthcare: hospitals/pharmacies/doctors/dentists

  -Shopping: malls, wet market, supermarkets

  -Recreation: bars, theme parks, places of interest, sports

  -Public transportation: metro, bus, taxi

  -Restaurants: different kind of restaurants

  -Housing: suitable housing areas in Hefei for you


Our city orientation program can be tailor made to meet your specific need. We go deep into the city with client and bring more about Hefei's geography and history and we will see whether it's practical to live in Hefei.  All the trip can be modified to suit the specific needs and requirements.


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