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Vanke Golden Homes
Vanke Golden Homes
¥4000-20000 /month
Area: Shu Shang District
Size: 90-250 sqm
Bedrooms: 2-4 brs
Featured Description

General Information

Compound Name

Vanke Golden Homes 万科金色名郡


Zhengwu New District, Shu Shang District 蜀山区政务新区


Swan Lake Area


#203 Wangjiangxi Road

Completed in



By Individual Landlord


Refined Decoration by Developer


Compound Description

1. Built in 2012.

2. Close to Tesco (Datang Guoji Shopping Plaza) and Mingjun Living Plaza.

3. First of Hefei Compound with refined Decoraiton and nice compound features greenery.

4. Not far from Swan Lake and the 1912 Kingdom.

5. Big layout apartment is with floor heating. It’s one of the expat communities in Hefei.


Compound Features and Facilities

Expat Community

On-Site Management

On-Site Maintenance

Controlled Access

Concierge Service

English Butler

Fitness Center

Big Landscape Garden

Indoor Swimming Pool

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Basketball Court

Tennis Court

Pet Walking Area

Mini Golf Court



To International School CISH

11.5 km

To Closest Metro (Line 3)

0.7 km

To MixC Mall

5.3 km

To Xin Qiao Airport

37.8 km

To 1912 Kingdom

2.5 km

To South Train Station

8.2 km

To Swan Lake

3.3 km

To Swan Lake Wanda Plaza

3.1 km

To Lord Bao Park

7.4 km

To Provincial Hospital (South)

3.1 km


Popular Layouts

2-3 Bedroom Apartment

Size (sqm)


Rental Range (rmb)


3 Bedroom Apartment

Size (sqm)


Rental Range (rmb)


4 Bedroom Apartment

Size (sqm)


Rental Range (rmb)



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