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Rental is mostly paid in form of RMB, paying in advance.

*All the rental offered is net price excluding other fees. Howevery to best suit your company policy, you may need/ We can provide a package price to have inclusion.



Deposit is the amount paid to landlord as a guarantee of tenant’s behavior will not undermine landlord’s benefit. In the case of breaking the contract or damage of the property assets, deposit is normally offset partly or entirely.


Deadline for Return Deposit

Our standard contract regulates landlord shall refund the deposit within 10 working days after tenant clear all pendings.


Lease term

Lease term is the period of the lease, normally will be one year in standard. However this can be negotiated.



Tax shall be paid in the leasing activity from landlord to government as landlord is collecting the rental income. Tax rate for most leases, under 30000rmb/month is 4.5%, over 30000rmb/month is 6.28% for rensidential property )


Management Fees

Management fee is paid to management office, a compulsory cost for each property. Normally measured by the size of the property multiplies with the unit price. Management fees is charged to cover: maintenance of the compound, cleaning of the public space, security, gardening and greenery, dumping and sewage, management company cost etc.


Payment Pattern

There is monthly payment, bi-monthly payment, seasonly payment, 6 month payment and yearly payment. Surely you can work out other kind of arrangement if landlord agrees.


Delay payment

Our standard contract regulates delay payment for each day is 0.3% of monthly rental amount.


Deadline of payment

Normally the deadline of payment in our rental practice is 7 days before the each rental cycle. Some landlord requires 15 days even 30 days.



Improvements means the things that are not in the property that you want/need, or the service you want landlord pay for hire before you move in. Normally tenant raise improvements for landlord during lease negotiation.



Penalty is the amount of the money paid when breaking the contract.


Break Clause

Break clause regulates the penalty the party faces when breaking the contract.


Early Termination Option

Early termination option means the party can break the lease before lease ending date without paying penalty by performing certain notice acts regulates in the option.


Duty of repair

In most of the cases, the duty of repair is like this: If by normal wear and tear, landlord shall perform the duty of repair. If by tenant misuse or negligence, tenant shall perform the duty of repair.


Prior renewal Option

Standard lease contract regulates the current tenant has the priority to rent the apartment, if given the same condition (here same does not means the same conditions as the previously lease but means if landlord is given to other tenant of the new lease.)

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