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Signing the lease contract is not the end of our service, it is just the beginning!


After the Hefei apartment lease is signed, our tenancy management services starts. Tenancy management support is critical to the expat. Handled well, this can minimize the time taken from them (and their families) to adjust their new surroundings and reduce the distractions and stresses involved in relocation which in the end can ensure a rapid return to maximized concentration at work.


Tenancy management is done in three aspects: lease management, financial management, and property management.


Lease Management

We manage the formalities of lease commencement, which includes review/tracking of lease documentation, lease renewal and lease termination; advice on tenancy rights and duties; and most importantly landlord tenant relationship liason.


Financial Management

When it comes to rental payment, it's best with Clydesdale team to coordinate you with this issue. We have well developed rental collection /reminding as well as the tax receipt management can greatly allows the client a peace of mind. Also we provide utility support with the TV/Internet/electricity/water/gas/cleaning services, and bank account set-up as well.


Property Management

We ensure tenant a trouble-free occupation of their rental home and solves property-related issues that may arise during the tenancy and provide accompanied emergency repairs. Clydesdale team will take over the burden of property related issues including arranging professional services which can ultimate reduce risk and save the tenant's time and money.


We put our focus soly on the needs of our clients, enabling us to provide unrivalled level of attention and care. Our commitment is to keep our client's relocation on the right track.

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