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Renting property in Hefei is our main business. We involve ourselves frequently in the leasing activities of properties in the most popular compounds for expats in Hefei like City Center and Golden Homes, Wanda Mansion etc.


Each year, we help more than hundreds of clients successfully find their best home in Hefei. We focus on the most popular apartments by expats in Hefei such as City Center, Jin Se Ming Jun, Wanda Mansion etc. We understand that the complexity of international relocation of our clients and always try to ease the transition and solve the client's housing need through communication and continuous endeavor.


The leasing service includes:

Pre-visit for requirement acquisition

            Viewing Properties

            Negotiating Lease

            Legal Documentation

            Settling in assistance

            On-going tenancy management

            Housing maintenance

            Lease Termination


We have the largest database of properties under leasing and provides the best home finding service at any time of the search.


Different from our counterparts, we provide a series of follow up support to help client to solve any issue rising from housing – our tenancy management service. We have support specialist awaits your call at any time of the day to help you. Rent apartment in Hefei, we are ready to help you.

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