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Corporate Culture

Clydesdale Destination Service is a company of years of experience in providing relocation services to expats in Hefei. Our services cope includes a wide range of destination services such as apartment/house renting (home search), tenancy management service and other services deriving from expats’ relocation procedure.


With the years of experiences in the Hefei rent apartment business, and always making maneuvers for excellence, Clydesdale has one of the largest availability housing resources and professional managed team for the best housing services.



Clydesdale always sticks to our values. We more client’s satisfaction oriented rather than profit oriented. Clydesdale will be always focused on the service satisfaction. The only thing we care most is whether the apartment (house, serviced apartment) we provide can meet the clients’ need, and whether our client will have an enjoyable stay in Hefei.


Caring staff

Competition in 21th century is the competition on talents. Clydesdale did, do and always will cherish every diligent and loyal staff. To maintain a close and vigorous team, Clydesdale arranges regular company activities.


Problems solver

Different from local agencies, Clydesdale offers best after-sale service in Hefei, we help clients check in the apartment (house, serviced apartment), arrange internet installation, satellite tv, ayi, school searching, moving and other settling problems, besides we also take care any problems relating to the property, such as AC repairing, leaking problem etc. Our aim is to making clients feeling at home.

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